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Chocolate Fish Cafe, Wellington, New Zealand

We’re not the first to say that a sunny day in Wellington is the best place in the world.  One of the things that helps to make Wellington so brilliant on said day is its cafe culture.  They are fully aware of how to make the best of what they have.

Chocolate fish cafe enables you to sit outside (in bean bags if you prefer) right on the sea front, watching your kids (or other people’s kids) racing around on the free tricycles they have to offer (in a safe area), enjoy good fresh local food and good drinks.  What more could one possibly want on a sunny Sunday?!


We were faced with some really tough decisions on the menu – we wanted everything.  So much fresh local fish to choose from!  They also cook everything on the BBQ so it comes pretty quickly and it feels good eating barbecued food in the sun without making any of the effort and not doing any of the dishes.


I opted for one of the specials: House smoked salmon with haloumi & pea fritters and a side salad of preserved lemon and fennel bulb.  I definitely chose the fancy and pricey dish, with quality far outshining quantity.  Some might say the quantity was a little lacking, but as one who is trying not to over-eat I thought it was perfect as it didn’t fill me to a food-coma state, but instead a nice amount that yoga, nutrition and exercise books keep telling me I should be doing everyday…

The quality was top notch, and everything combined really well.  The salmon (hidden under the cucumber in the picture) was barbecued perfectly.  I had the watermelon and cucumber cider to go with it which kept the freshness of the meal going.  We also all shared the carrot cake at the end which was vey moist and absolutely delicious.  I’m not sure if it’s normal to put sultanas in carrot cake here, but it was a very pleasant surprise for me and comes highly recommended.


Casey’s Review:

I love corn and bacon, so a corn fritter, bacon & spinach sandwich with barbecue sauce is something you would think would be heaven right? Well, you are correct! This sandwich was so amazing, I wish I ate two or three dozen. Coupled with the delicious watermelon and lime cider, it was one of the best meals served with an extra large side of sunshine and waterfront view. I also had their mixed berry smoothy that tasted very fresh. It was a good day.
If I could recreate everything, including the ambiance, I would eat this over and over again, up until it being the last thing I eat. This sandwich and restaurant makes me believe that there is good in the world.

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