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Fate Brewing Company, Boulder, USA

Colorado has the BEST idea: have a brewery that makes amazing beer and then put a great restaurant in said brewery.

Boulder has that great “field to fork” attitude where a number of their restaurants believe in serving fresh, local food to their customers.  And since you’re eating in the brewery, not only is your food fresh, but your beer is too.  It may be the high altitude, but I thought you could really taste the difference. (And yes we became merry very quickly!)

We also tried the Avery Brewing Company and the Southern Sun Pub & Brewery and all were excellent.  All had delicious beer with a wide selection, and great food.  If I had to choose I would say I preferred the beer at Avery and the food at Southern Sun.  Avery because they had a phenomenal range of beer, and all tasted amazing (even the 17% stuff went down a little too smoothly); and the Southern Sun as they changed their menu daily from what was available.  Love it!  But I chose to focus on Fate because it was just so good at both, and they had something called the Trifecta burger, which definitely needs individual mention and a cheeky photo to tantalize your tastebuds.

It was too tough to choose only one plate so Casey and I ordered one thing each and shared both.

IMG_0756Ribs.  I’d been craving ribs for a long time and as soon as you walked in to the brewery you could smell those ribs cooking away and so they had to be ordered.  Ideally I would have liked the ribs to have been cooked in the sauce, but the sauce it came with was delicious and there was enough of it that we could give each rib a good dunking before ravishing it like animals.  The meat was almost falling off the bone which means they definitely get some bonus points for that.




IMG_0755But now for the pièce de résistance: the Trifecta burger.  Beef, bison, lamb, cherry-jalapeño chutney, gouda, roasted tomatoes and organic greens.  Oh. My. God.  Alright, this might not be the healthiest meal in the world, but if you’ve been hiking/snowboarding/skiing all day in the Rockies, this is what you want.  It was extremely satisfying.  Loads of flavours going on and very juicy which is exactly how I like my burgers.  It was so good we couldn’t bear to let our friends try some (sorry, guys).  🙂

Casey’s review:

I wish I did not have to share this burger with Janine, it was that good. The Trifecta of buffalo, lamb and beef combination makes a hearty and succulent patty, perfect when cooked medium rare. Not much is needed to compliment the meat, but a proper burger is not complete without some good fixings. The Trifecta was kept relatively simple on top with the only standout being the traditional cherry-jalapeño chutney, along with gouda, roasted tomatoes and mixed greens. One of the best ‘traditional’ burgers I have had.

Would I have this as my last meal? No. But that is because I would not pick a regular burger. But if I had to, this would probably be it.

As for the ribs. If someone makes good ribs, it is hard to level up to something spectacular because ribs are already delicious. Fate had great ribs, better quality than a regular BBQ place from my hometown of Dallas. The meat was just as good but the sauce was way better. I want Dallas to embrace a more saucy culture. But I digress…

As for my last meal, if I wanted my fingers sticky before I died, bring on these ribs!

FATE Brewing Company

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