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Highline Pizzeria, New York City, USA

With only having a few days in New York, we were quite worried about being able to find really good, proper “New York style” pizza (yes we take being foodies very seriously).  I was also slightly confused about why New York style pizza was different to that which I’m used to eating.  With Chicago style, just from looking at it it’s fairly obvious, but aren’t most pizzas New York style? It turns out, no.  It was our friend’s girlfriend who came to our rescue as she said she knew a “good pizza place” near her work.  Yeh she did.  Now, obviously we haven’t eaten in every single pizza place in New York so we can’t say with absolute certainty that this is the best, but we were fully satisfied.  It was a tiny place with only a few seats, off the beaten track and the staff were so friendly that one couldn’t help but feel they hadn’t had too much interaction with beastly tourists.

So… what did we eat?!

IMG_0619Instantly we were recommended the “Grandma style” pizza.  All the pizzas were displayed in front of us, and of all of them, the grandma style looked the least exciting.  I usually go for a lot of toppings on my pizza, so reluctantly Casey and I ordered one.  Silly me for judging a book by its cover.  It was delicious.  Such a strong flavour in such a small amount of food!  After doing some research, it seems that grandma style pizza is distinctive for being rectangular, extremely thin dough, fresh tomato sauce cooked in a pan with garlic instead of canned tomatoes, with the mozzarella cheese under the sauce.  You could definitely tell that it was fresh, and the combination of flavours perfectly balanced each other.  Apparently this is a New York exclusive folks, so get yourself down to the Big Apple ASAP and munch on this bad boy.  You won’t be disappointed.

Casey’s review:

New York Pizza (The GILE Pizza, or The Grandma I’d Like to Eat Pizza)

Different pizzas suit different moods. This fairly cheap grandmas pizza was great and satiated me after walking around Manhattan. The other pizzas there we got were good, but paled in comparison to the deliciousness of the granny. With loads of toppings, I wish I ate more. I am always happy to try various things; but in this case, I wish I kept true to grandma.

It was a good pizza for not feeling bloated after.

As my last meal, It would be really hard to choose between a chicago deep dish and a thin crispy loaded grandma. It depends on my mood, but I am sure my mood before I die would be to stuff my face. And that would be with a deep dish. Sorry grandma. You almost made the cut, but you are too skinny.

Here is the menu. Yelp page for Highline Pizzeria.

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