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Kuma’s Too, Chicago, USA

Do you like heavy metal?  And burgers?  Then this is the place for you. Kuma‘s is a must.  Not just for the burgers, but for the experience.  We went to Kuma’s Corner (the original) a few years ago and when we were in The Gambia staring into another bowl of sand and mouldy fish sauce Kuma’s is what we dreamt of.  Oh the grease! Oh the volume of the heavy metal!  Oh all the random flavours put together that you’d never thought of combining ever before!  So this time our trusty Chicago friend took us to Kuma Too, a slightly more toned down version with mostly the same menu.  (I say toned down, but it still had an erotic cartoon playing on the TV screen at 6pm).  It was very difficult to choose one burger on this menu.  Especially when you are a foodie who is not sure the next time that you’ll be able to get to this restaurant ever again, so this choice really matters. IMG_0526So I thought; “Sod it.  You’re in America you should get the most ridiculous American style burger on the menu and make the most of your time here.”  I ordered the “burger of the month” which was called the “Sourvein”.  This is what it had on it: “10oz patty topped off with a maple syrup drizzle, waffle strips, blackened fried chicken tenders, applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and finished off with a raspberry maple aioli”.  Oh, my word.  Now for the Americans out there this might not seem too crazy; but for me waffle, syrup, chicken, bacon and beef was something I had never mixed before in one mouthful.  Like something you would only eat all together as part of a dare.  And to be honest, the mix of flavours didn’t set my tastebuds alight, it was a little too sickly, but of course I chose it for its novelty value so I wasn’t expecting too much.  I was able to try a bit of everyone else’s (who had been sensible and ordered from the regular menu) and their taste combinations were really good, so now I have learnt my lesson and the next time we get the chance to eat here again I will certainly be sensible too!



Tip of the day:  When the waitress served my tower-like Leviathon of a burger she very helpfully suggested I scoop out some of the bread from the inside of the top bun in order to increase the chance of it being able to fit in my mouth.  It did make a lot of difference, making the burger much more manageable, and less carbs! Win win!

Casey’s review:

I hate the variety of burgers at Kuma’s because I want them all. They are all so unique and creative, but also intriguing enough to tackle a taste pallet that seeks an explosion of contrasting flavors. I do not have enough room in me for more than one. I still remember the YOB I had almost 3 years ago. I ordered that based on the ingredients. This time, I ordered based on the name. I got the Lair of the Minotaur. Caramelized onions, pancetta, brie and bourbon poached pear on top of their delicious beef patty cooked to medium rare and in their big tasty bun all came together to create a wild, barely containable burger. I prefered the YOB, but the Minotaur was incredibly delicious. As for my last meal, I would choose any of the Kuma’s burgers over any traditional burger, but I need try them all to know which one. Can another knock the YOB off its pedestal as my favorite? If I do not get around to that before I die, then I do not want Kuma’s as my last meal. Why? Because knowing I could only have one more but not knowing which one would be a torture worse than death. But while I have life, one of my quests is to have them all.


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