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Moreiro’s, Celanova, Spain

Think you’ve tasted the best steak dish ever?  Well you can’t presume that unless you’ve been here.

Not only is Galicia a hidden gem for its beautiful scenery, but it also has the best kept secret of amazing local food and wine.  Good, honest, simple food is the name of the game here, using only what is available to them locally.  This is good for 2 reasons: it’s cheap and it means one doesn’t have to worry about what chemicals or preservatives have been put in the food to keep it looking fresh as it flies halfway across the world before making it onto your plate.  Another good thing is that Galicia is one of the few places left on this planet that isn’t overpopulated so there’s plenty to go around.

P1010808I have been going to Moreiro’s for years but with big gaps in between, and when I go back it is always as good as I remembered it.  The trick with this dish is to order the steak rare as it just doesn’t work as well cooked any more.  You’re already eating an amazing melt-in-your-mouth steak, but it is the sauce that really makes it a meal to never be forgotten.  It’s a cream, black pepper and garlic sauce; and there’s loads of it which definitely gets Moreiro’s some big bonus points.  I think there must be something else in the sauce though as years ago I did ask for the recipe and tried to make it myself but it just wasn’t the same.  So basically, you’ll just have to come here and try it for yourself.

The other great thing about Galicia is that they are so happy that you came to their restaurant, they tip you. With BOOZE.  A bunch of local liquor bottles are placed on the table (all yummy) and you can just drink away!  It is impossible to have a bad night here.

Casey’s review:

This is one of the best pepper sauces on a steak. That is why we went every Thursday. The meat was good, but I have had better. There is also a risk, apparently 1 in 10, of getting a gristly steak. But that does not matter because the sauce is so good and the meal is so cheap. Of all the restaurants I have been to, this is definitely the best bang per dollar. I just wish it was not so far out in the middle of Galicia.

As my last meal, I would want this sauce on a rare filet mignon. With potato chips to soak up all the sauce. And extra sauce.

One comment on “Moreiro’s, Celanova, Spain

  1. Manuel
    February 2, 2014

    Galician food (Spanish food is the best in the world because of its great “cocineros”, the quality of its ingredients and the wide variety of its dishes). Although the best thing it is the people that come, enjoy it and speak wonders about it. Greetings from Spain.

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