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Alfredo’s – Fresh Pasta To Go, Venice, Italy

Who says Venice has to break the bank?

If you’re on a budget and appreciate fresh ingredients – then look no further.  Before arriving in Venice we’d heard some nightmare stories about the secret high costs of food there.  Thankfully Alfredo’s isn’t too good to be true – they make the pasta in front of you, and then combine it with a bunch of fresh ingredients – whatever is available and in season and then pop it into a to-go box and there you are!  We were lucky when we went as it wasn’t a busy time – otherwise you might have to be prepared to queue.  Because the staff weren’t rushed off their feet we were able to chat to them about the virtues of food, traveling etc etc and he was so friendly he even let us eat in the place with our Carrefour 60 cents carton of wine.  So our meal, wine and good conversation with a local came to 7.30 euros each!  He even gave us a complimentary box of fresh pasta to take home with us.  We really weren’t expecting such good customer service!  I really hope that wherever we live, there is a restaurant like this around the corner.

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I ordered the Porky’s which is pork, tomato sauce, parsley, black pepper & onions. There are only a few options on the menu, which is how they are able to have everything offered as fresh. I really liked my choice – it was full of flavour, lots of sauce and the perfect amount. You could definitely taste the difference with the homemade fresh pasta, and you could choose how much you wanted it cooked (Italian style or “over-cooked”!) I really recommend this as a simple, honest very affordable dish.

Casey’s review:

I am not a fan of the traditional Venetian way of undercooking their pasta. I went in knowing I do not like pasta ‘al dente’, but had it anyway. I should have ordered for them to overcook it. Be sure you do if you have the same exquisite tastes as me.

Along with the undercooked pasta was some of the best sauce one can put on pasta. I liked it better than some ‘expensive’ spaghetti sauces I ate. I also enjoyed that it was so cheap. Eating the penne pasta out of containers from a Chinese take out was easy. The employees were friendly and spoke to us.

Suggested wine coupling: a 60cent box of red wine from Carrefour.

If I get the pasta cooked well, I would definitely get this over any other pasta dish as my last meal regardless of price.

Alfredo’s doesn’t seem to have their own website, but here is a link to their TripAdvisor page here: Alfredo’s – Fresh Pasta to Go, Venice, Italy.

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