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Pizzeria del Popolo, Naples, Italy

Surely the best pizza possible?

Ahh Italy, the birthplace of the pizza.  Naturally our expectations were high, but we’d heard from other people who have been to Italy that they were bitterly disappointed with theirs.  So we did our research, and found Pizzeria del Popolo.  We had been told this place was amazing and so we were expecting something very fancy and ostentatious, something to mirror all the gaudy extravagant palaces and cathedrals we’d spent the last who knows how long traipsing around.  But it wasn’t.  It looked more like the kind of pizza place I would frequent between 3 and 6am after a night out dancing during my university days.  However, the pizza oven at Popolo’s is golden.  Which I guess is a good indication of where the owners place their value.  The oven seemed to be treated a bit like a shrine; after our meal we tried our very best Italian to compliment the chefs and they were extremely happy but at the same (through gestures) implied “Don’t thank us! Thank the golden oven!”  This is how we were able to go into the kitchen and get a picture with said oven.  If there is a pizza oven God out there, it was definitely shining down on Popolo’s.


I’m not entirely sure what I ordered because the menu was in Italian and nobody spoke English, but I definitely recognised Ricotta, basil, onion, cheese and tomatoes.  The toppings were clearly fresh and absolutely delicious, but for me it was the dough that set this pizza apart from any other I’d tasted.  It wasn’t too crispy, too ‘doughy’, too wet, too dry, too ‘bready’, too tough, it was just right.  Goldilocks would’ve loved it.  Everything about this pizza was fresh, and I knew at that moment I would never taste pizza like this again.  You may think of pizza as a fatty, un-sophisticated, naughty food, but when done right it really does give your taste buds everything you need.  The next best thing about this place is that despite it being my absolute favourite pizza, unlike the fancy tourist restaurants that all claim to be “the best pizza” and charge 20 euros for it, Popolo’s pizzas are only around 5 euros each! YES Popolo’s: we love you!

Casey’s review:

It was definitely authentic. We got ridiculously large pizzas for very cheap. They were great, but totally different from the American styles that I know. They were very thin and crispy with not too much sauce, but a lot of cheese. I really liked the quattro formaggio the best. The ingredients tasted fresh, and the restaurant workers were very nice despite the language barrier.

But no pizza has beaten the chicago deep dish as my pizza nomination for my last dish. The pizza is fresh, traditional, and cheap. I would eat it a lot, if it were available. However if I am going to die, I want to die with grease and cheese in my veins. Deep dish all the way.

Trip Advisor link: Pizzeria del Popolo.


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