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Pica Pau, Mindelo, Cape Verde




Pica Pau is exactly what I want from a restaurant when on holiday.  Cheap, local fresh seafood; cheap, local wine (the kind that comes in bottles without a label) and a jolly restaurant owner who speaks very little English.  We felt very welcome, like a member of the family.  Clearly there had been hundreds of satisfied tourists before us (mostly people who had been sailing around in their yachts) and they had all left a loving note that had been pinned to the wall.  We ordered the lobster platter for two.  I personally believe that when you have good, fresh seafood it doesn’t need to be drowned in sauce to give it taste because there is enough flavour in the meat.  The accompaniment of fries, rice and salad kept the meal cheap, cheerful and unpretentious.  If I had a yacht and was sailing around Cape Verde and decided to stop at Mindelo for a few weeks this would be my regular place for sure.  Affordable, tasty and filling.

And yes, we got very merry and wrote our own jolly message to be hung up on the wall just like everybody else.  And we loved it!


Casey’s Review:

This lobster was about as average as it gets with a bit more shell than I would want to deal with. That being said, it was still local and cheap lobster, and I love lobster. The salad was a good complement because it was not drowning in dressing, like you would expect in America. Except for the small portion of fries, it was rather healthy too. And I really like the wine in Cape Verde, which was plentiful at Pica Pau. Definitely the best restaurant I went to in Cape Verde.

But I have had much better lobster. For my last meal, I do not want to deal with the claws or guts. I would prefer 2 lobster tails drowning in lemon zest butter. But with a bottle of CV wine would be great!

Trip Advisor link: Pica Pau

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