Around the World in 80 Bites

We're lucky enough to have friends across the globe, so when we visit them we get taken to all the best local places!

A little about us…

Janine Bidmead:

I was born in the south of England; as a young child I was moved to the north, then to France for a bit, and in the Midlands for my teens.  I studied English Literature at Sheffield University, and a week after graduation I moved to Japan for 2 years, India for a year, back to London for a year, The Gambia for 15 months, travelled around Europe for a few months, travelled around America for a few months, and now moving to New Zealand.  In my short 26 years I’ve been able to travel extensively, and as a serious foodie who has been nicknamed “piggy Bidmead” I’ve eaten a lot of food.  I started taking pictures of food in 2008 when I moved to Japan and realised that maybe my friends and family back in England had never eaten anything like horse meat before (little did we all know!!!)  I finally decided to do something with all the global food material I had and start a food blog.

Casey Kaczmarczyk:

I was born and raised in Texas.  I met Janine in Japan where I lived for 2 1/2 years, joined the Peace Corps and was sent to The Gambia for 2 years.  I then travelled with Janine around Europe and America.  Now also moving to New Zealand.  If anyone knows anything about eating, it’s an American.

One thing Texas likes to do is deal in absolutes, like the death penalty. Even though the law recently repealed the ‘last meal’ for convicted inmates, I still think it is a good standard to hold a meal up to. Is that dish worthy as your last meal? There are so many facets to explore…

Thanks to our various travels we have met some really great people who are dotted around the globe.  When we visit them they know we want to try the best thing that area serves, so we are able to try great food that is usually off the beaten track from tourists and is the kind of place locals go to.  For us, this means the food is a better quality, price and experience.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations as much as we did!


3 comments on “A little about us…

  1. Helen Bird
    February 1, 2014

    This is fantastic!!!! I have been entertained and educated by your foodie photos over the years, so it’s perfect for you to share your expertise wider afield. Hope to see some English eateries on there too! (can we take credit for your somewhat rude but affectionate nickname?!) xxx

  2. Duke
    February 2, 2014

    Great Stuff Janine and Casey. Love You – Dad

  3. ameliafrances92
    February 9, 2014

    I’m gonna have to plan reading this so it coincides with my meal times. Salivatin’-hell.

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